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If you are a beginner, and would like a quick start, I encourage you to check out this program. It is a comprehensive program, written for beginners focusing on diet, exercising and an overall good health. There might be programs that will give you a quicker weight loss, but I have yet to see a program for women with better long-term results. 

Why chose a weight loss program?

A weight loss program is in my opinion the easiest way to start out. If you go for a reputable well-researched program, you won’t have to crawl the internet for information and troubleshooting. Everything, from A to Z, will be covered in the program.

This obviously saves time, but more importantly, it makes it a lot harder to fail.

Good information is available online too, for free, but it is harder to find and  it is more spread out. I just think a program is a better use of your time.

Absorb everything

Other than that, I encourage you to browse around our site and look at some of our introductory articles — especially those on motivation. After all, motivation is the key ingredient to succeed in weight loss!

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Erin B.