Common Questions About The Venus Factor

Since I published my review of the Venus Factor a few months back I’ve received a lot of questions from my readers – through comments and email. I love getting feedback, and I thank you all for good and relevant questions.

As a lot of the questions are the same, and instead of cluttering up the review post with a lot of changes, I figured I’d gather the most common questions here and answer them in plenum.

If you have any more question, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or post a comment here.

Is the Venus Factor worth it?

My short answer is yes, but let’s first define what ‘worth it’ means to me:

If we are talking “worth it” as in time invested, the results you can get in just 12 weeks are pretty damn awesome (you can see more real life stories here).

I’ve personally seen people completely transform their bodies within this short time frame. More impressive though: they’ve maintained their weight loss for months and years after they ended the 12 weeks.

Regarding the price, it’s at 47$ for now (including bonuses)! I’m not going to give you a long sales pitch here, but this is the same  you would pay for a month at a gym, or half an hour with a personal trainer (some charge a lot more). I’m just saying this to those of you who think 47$ is expensive– just to put things perspective.

47 dollars will get you: A bottle of nice wine, a video game, or h aving your car washed, having a meal out … Or change your life by finally losing that weight. To me it’s simple: I’d wash my own car, cook at a meal at home and invest in The Venus Factor. ;)

Does The Venus Factor Work?

Well, I’ve personally tried it and achieved great results. I lost some weight before I started the program, but I still had some stubborn fat that never went away. After the 12 weeks, all my unwanted fat was gone. I have even recommended it to friends and family (as a PT you often become the friend circles go-to-person for anything diet an fitness), and they’re all happy with the results and the program in general.

I do know a few people that have quit the program, and since they’ve only been on the program for a few days or less than two weeks, it’s hard to gauge their results. Some said they lost weight, but still wanted to quit since they wanted a quicker weight loss (even though I tried telling them that they should look at it long term, and a fast weight loss wasn’t beneficial for maintaining their new body). Good thing the program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Thy got a refund, and were an experience richer.

The important factor here is commitment. You need to want it! If you want to lose weight, you will lose weight on The Venus Factor. It’s a tested and proven diet, with apps that will tailor it specifically to you. All you have to do is execute.

Have you noticed any negative sides of the diet?

Well, like I mentioned above: it does require work. You can’t just “kind of want to lose weight”. Just buying the diet, and sitting and waiting to lose weight won’t cut it.

On the technical side: I have experienced no downtime on their forums, no bugs in the apps and all the material was delivered straight after I purchased. It is well referenced to peer reviewed studies, so the material itself is solid.

After my first week I was a bit worried that I lost weight too fast, which might have been a negative side. I asked about it and they said it was completely normal (due to loss of water that’s retained in your body). They were right, after that week, it stabilized.

Also, the program has received some undeserved bad marketing as several people are selling it through Youtube videos and free blogs (even guys who haven’t even used it) – though I guess most products will experience this. Anyways, this gives people the impression that’s it’s just a quickly put together e-book – a scam product. This is not the case! :)

Will it work if I’m Asian? … Or if I’m old? … Or if I’m …

The diet will work for any woman.

The principle it relies on mechanisms we all have in our bodies, and thanks to the tailored approach by using the Virtual Nutritionist, it’s tailored to your metabolism — irregardless of your age or ethnicity.

(Some research claims that there is a difference in the BMR (what your body will burn on idle, basically) between white and black women, but the difference is so small that it won’t matter.)

Regarding age: I’ve seen people between 20—65 who have used The Venus Factor – all with great results. I wouldn’t worry about being “too old” for the program. :)

Is it available in other languages?

Initially it was only available in English, but it has since due to popular demand been published in Spanish and Portuguese. So, to all my friends in Latin America, Brazil, Portugal and Spain (and many more): The Venus Factor en español y/e The Venus Factor em portuguêse!

The venus factor language

It’s now available in several languages. Now even more people can enjoy the benefits of one of the best weight loss programs!

Are there any dietary requirements? Will it work for vegans/vegetarians or if you’re allergic to gluten?

I know several vegetarians and vegans that have done the diet. They’ve had no problems. You just need to watch out that you don’t eat too much soy (which a lot of vegetarian products are based on). Some soy is fine, just don’t overdo it. Some vegetarians will use protein shakes as a protein source after a workout, simply because it’s more convenient, but it isn’t a requirement.

The diet is as gluten-free as you want it to be. I don’t eat gluten, and didn’t eat it during the diet. That’s no problem at all.

Do I get a hard copy?

The Venus Factor is a digital product, which means that it is delivered to you online. You don’t have to wait for snail-mail: you can start right away. You can download the files, and put them on your phone or iPad/tablet (or even Kindle) and take them with you. You can also print the whole thing, or just a few pages. Of course, you can also just read them online — whatever floats your boat. :)

I put the workout plan on my iPhone, and took it to the gym – it worked great.

As an online product, you also have the benefit of updates and interactivity. You can post in the forum, and interact with fellow members, and you can receive pod-casts and new updates as you wish. It’s a lot more fun than a boring old book. Also, you have all your material stored online, and you can access it from anywhere!

I understand that some people would like to order a hard copy of the material. In fact, the last time I talked to the creators of the program, they told me that they would release a hard copy at a later stage.

Any further questions?

Feel free to ask in the comments section below — I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can (some questions might require a bit of research). And remember to join our free newsletter!

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