The Venus Factor Workout Routines and Exercise Plan

We have previously written about the Venus Factor diet in here, but I keep getting questions about the workout plan. Therefore, I figured I’d do a separate review post on the exercise plan. If you have any additional questions, please let me know in the comments field.

You can read my original article here, and check out the official website by clicking here.

Do I need to use the workout plan to lose weight?

What’s good about The Venus Factor, is that if you follow the diet part, you will lose your unwanted, excess fat, without exercising. However, and this is key, if you’d like to tone up your body, get fitter and get the other benefits of a workout (such as better sleep, feeling more awake during the day etc.), working out along with your diet is essential.

The exercises in the plan has sped up my weight loss, strengthened my muscles and increased the quality of my life.

Now, I’m looking back and thinking: why didn’t I start working out earlier? It sounds like a cliche, but starting to work out changed my life in far more ways than just shedding the weight off.

Can you tell me more about the exercises and how the plan is organized?

I personally love the training. I started seeing noticeable result within 8–9 days of starting, which just inspired me to continue.

The plan is simple, and “to the point”. It’s made up of three strength training sessions every week, which continues throughout the 12 weeks of the program.

The workout plan is a downloadable document, which you can print out, or put on your mobile phone or tablet (I prefer to put it on my iPad, which works great). All the exercises in the manual are hyper-linked to online videos, so if you keep it on an electronic device, you can easily see how to properly do each and every exercise for the maximum effect.

A session typically lasts 20-45 minutes (depending on how many and how long breaks you take in between sets).

The workout plan is extremely flexible. There is no rule saying that you have to do the entire workout in one go. At first I started to split the workout in two, and did one in the morning and one in the evening. This made the start of the diet a bit easier for me, and then I later switched over to doing the entire workout in the morning.

You are also free to choose how many and when you’ like to take breaks.

Is it easy to do?

Short answer: yes. The exercises can be done by anyone, and you can even switch them out with other exercises if you’d like (or if you have any injuries).

Really, it’s this simple: follow the diet plan, don’t cheat and do the exercises — just execute the plan you’re given — and you will lose weight!

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