What Kind of Food Can I Eat on The Venus Factor?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been getting more and more questions on The Venus Factor in my inbox. I simply can’t answer them all, I’m sorry.

However, a question I often get is this: what kind of food can I eat on the diet?

The answer is simple.

But first, let’s do a recap on what the diet is exactly (for those of you that are new here. I’ve previously covered the diet here, and answered some other question here, so we won’t go into as detailed.

The fundamental concept in the diet is the hormone leptin. “Calorie counting” (ugh, I hate that word), is also mentioned. I feel like a broken record when I write this, but there is no diet that does not involve calories to some extent. Some diets doesn’t mention it, but calories are still behind the curtain in some way or another.

Rather than focusing on exactly what to eat, when you eat, how many meals you distribute the calories over, and weighing your food with four digits, The Venus Factor uses a simpler approach. Avoid a few food products (soy, highly refined foods, white flour …) and focus on the big picture. Leptin can be your best friend or your worst enemy when you’re on a diet.

Again, the calories is the fundamental part; but neglecting leptin is like running uphill, swimming upstream or … You get the picture. It makes it all a lot harder than it has to be.

leptin hunger obesity

Simplified chart showing how leptin affects hunger

Without sounding  like some late night fitness commercial, I will tell your right here and now: you can actually eat ….

  • Chocolate
  • Pizza
  • Hamburgers
  • … or drink a glass of wine on  a diet.

Can you eat how much you want of this?

No, of course not. But eating it once in a while won’t matter. It’s about balance.

By taking control of your leptin levels, you won’t feel the same sugar cravings as earlier. You will be able to enjoy one piece of chocolate, a slice of pizza or a cup of soda. It won’t harm your diet. It’s like controlling a big ship: it moves slowly, and sometimes you have to steer it back in the right direction, but changes won’t happen over night.

By shifting the focus over to the bigger picture, i.e. what you eat over a week or what you ate yesterday compared to today and what you plan to eat tomorrow (and by using the clever app: The Virtual Nutritionist), you can maximize the work of leptin, and lose weight with less hassle.

Simply put: you can eat what you want, just do it in moderation, and eat healthy overall.

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